Phuket Wedding Photographer

Love you in any day.

Many love movies may end up with the marriage of leading actor and actress. But for love scene in real life, marriage is just the beginning of their couple’s life. From now on, they have to learn, love and lean on each other, to create their completed family as much as possible.

Once, I have a chance to take photos of a couple who had get married, and they have their own happy couple life. Then they do really want to emphasise their love by having a great and warm wedding with their families and friends at the Slate Phuket. It can show that wedding is not for a brand new couple but it is for everyone who has love.

They have a wonderful moment while staying in Phuket, the nature and the sea breeze lull their love to be more sweet and sincerely. When they had touched each other, I can feel their connection and know that they will be together and love each other forever and ever.

Perhaps you would like to express your love to your couple in special day, you can ask me, Phuket Photographer to keep that moment for your day again.

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