Phuket wedding photographer

A blending of love.

I don’t know how long does it take that the couples will decide to get married? But when I took photos of Sophy and Ming on their wedding, I certainly know that they both have truly love in each others.

Their best day was taken at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, with a warm welcome from Phuket staff and a nice decoration of the event. My loveliest part is when Ming asked Sophy to dancing with him on a nature floor. He is such a gentle man with funny and lovely. While, his bride, Sophy is very beautiful and glamorous. They are blending a sense of love that you can touch from their wedding photos.

In a part of photographer, I can only capture a few of their moment on that day, but reality, they had greater and better moment of love that I can see throughout my eyes.

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