The pride of Phuket photographer

Actually, the task of Phuket photographer is capturing the love moment of any couples. And showing how’s funny and warm of the wedding. Bride and groom’s smiley with happiness is the best thing that I really focus on. Other of good things happens is like a gift for a hard and well work of photographer.

A month after the wedding of Max & Michelle at Andara Resort & Villas, I received a thank card from this lovely couple. They are not different from other couples who decide to marry in Phuket where is filled with spectacular scenery of sand and sea.

Almost a year later, I once get a small card from both of them again. This make me so happy that they still remember me who was just a wedding photographer of them.

Recently, a copy of wedding magazine in Honkong was sent to me and it is surprised me because there is a photo of Max & Michelle wedding on its cover and some are in the story inside, that’s right those photos that I took.

It is extremely grateful that our hard work is well known wider, so I would say thank you to Max and Michelle for choosing me as a wedding photographer. I promise to enhance my photography standards to impress every couples, because this is the pride of my job.

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