Wedding photography at Phuket of Nicole & Sam

Congratulations to Nicole & Sam
Wedding in Phuket is very poppular among tourist from worldwide. Nicole and Sam, a couple from Hongkong asked me to capture their great moment on their big day. It is very sastifying when I was chosen as a photographer in any wedding because I love the moment of mariage which is full of happiness and loveliness.

Nicole is chilling in the luxury pool villa suite of Renaissance Phuket where specticular for every wedding couple in Phuket. While his groom is waiting outside at the delicate ceremony next to the beach. All well decorating are made for Nicole and Sam to make a promise to be love each other forever.

The party is fantastic, all family members and friends come and enjoy with wine and food for celebrating to Nicole and Sam. Each part of their wedding is so remarkable, it is such a good thing to join and take photos of this wedding couple.

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