Koh Samui Thailand.
Koh Samui, located to the east side of Thailand, Samui is the second largest island after Phuket, Tourists can travel to Koh Samui in many ways.Koh Samui is the rich island in tourism resources that are unique, beautiful and charming different from other islands in Thailand. Whether it is a beautiful natural tourist destination such as clear sea water, white sand beach is parallel to the coconut trees by the beach.

The terrain and weather here is completely different from Phuket Island, especially during the low season. Which is the period when the southwest monsoon prevails over Thailand between mid-May and mid-October causing continuous rain for many days on Andaman sea cost but for Samui There is still a space of time for us to see the sun. It doesn’t rain continuously.

Wedding day in Samui
The day of the real wedding, Photographers and videographers arrived at the bridal room and started to photography when bride with bridesmaids started getting ready makeup, hair do at 2pm. Hidden with fun and the excitement of the bride and bridesmaids with fun conversations all the time when professional makeup artists in Koh Samui are working.Me and the videographer team separated to records all details carefully in this room such as engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding dresses, brides, shoes, various cards, including candid photographs the image while everyone doing there make-up and hair do, all of which is the responsibility of the photographer and the videographer to keep all the details of the groom and bride’s Big day in Samui Thailand.

Around 3pm, Samui wedding photographer and Samui wedding videographer team began separate to take a photo in groom’s room when groom began to dress up with group of groom man, The atmosphere is filled with joyful laughter from the tease of friends towards groom, which after everyone has finished dressing. I invited the groom and friends to take a few group photos to prepare before going to the beach for ceremony.

Scheduled of the wedding day to begin at 5pm, Another photographers move to photography of decorations flower around wedding area and ceremony setup around 30 minutes in advance.

The wedding ceremony began with groom entering the ceremony with joyous applause from guests and when everything was ready, Bride dressed in white wedding dress entered the wedding ceremony with flanking the side of her parents Left and right. Everyone looked at the stunning beauty of the bride, including groom, who was the first time to see bride in the wedding dress. The ceremony began with the leader conducting the ceremony and bride and groom exchange vow followed by exchanging rings and marriage registration.

After wedding ceremony proceeded finish. Bride and groom walked out of the ceremony. And all guests to rest for 15 minutes with drink and canapés.When I saw the right time I called all the guests to take a group photo on the beach and call members and family to come to take pictures with the bride and groom .It takes about 15 minutes, than we walk down to the beach for bride and groom photo session. Fortunately, the weather today is very good, even though it has entered the rainy season. The sky still beautiful light for photographing on the beach until sunset.

The dinner began at around 7pm. with the fun dancing of the guests before the speech of relatives and friends spoke about the couple which brings laughter and tears of happiness all the time. My team finish photography and video at 10pm. And said goodbye to all the wedding guests and thanks for choosing me and the team as a wedding photographer on Koh Samui.

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