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Chinese Cultural Wedding of Joe & Xiuling

Chinese Cultural Wedding of Joe & Xiuling

Chinese wedding is one of my favourite style that I really love to be a part of. Phuket photograher has a great opportunity to capture a joyful wedding in Phuket recently. That was Joe and Xiuling wedding’s, which is full of amusement expression and superfun moment.

It is mix of traditional event and funny activities for bride and groom and their families to participate. Begin with many games that groom must be tested before reaching his bride. This fun time is the best part of a wedding, which I enjoy to keep my focus on this sociality action.

After passing all games, so now the groom can see his beautiful bride who is awaiting in a lucky colour dresses. The sweeten moment can make you have a bigger smiling while the couples are so glad to meet each other.

Following by a traditional tea ceremony which bride and groom will show their respect to their parents. And finally the couples have a great time together with friends and family members.

Those are a combination of great wedding that photographer love to join.
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Kate & Thomas’s Wedding

Kate & Thomas Wedding

Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa is one of the famous perfect place for wedding in Phuket. Phuket photographer have great chances taking photos of many couples there. Kate and Thomas is my latest couples who love this hotel’s calm scene and beautiful decoration.

The unique style of private pool villa is suitable for funny moment of bride and groom activities.

Outdoor wedding decoration is a wonderful choice for Kate and Thomas. They are dancing, enjoying, and also holding tightly each other on the green grass floor. Together with floral bush and glittering tiny light, promote this wedding to be more brighten and sweeten.

Wedding is a beginning of their lives, and I am really glad to be a photographer of their big day in Phuket. Experiencing a fabulous time like them please contact Phuket best photographer.

Phuket Wedding Photographer

Love you in any day.

Many love movies may end up with the marriage of leading actor and actress. But for love scene in real life, marriage is just the beginning of their couple’s life. From now on, they have to learn, love and lean on each other, to create their completed family as much as possible.

Once, I have a chance to take photos of a couple who had get married, and they have their own happy couple life. Then they do really want to emphasise their love by having a great and warm wedding with their families and friends at the Slate Phuket. It can show that wedding is not for a brand new couple but it is for everyone who has love.

They have a wonderful moment while staying in Phuket, the nature and the sea breeze lull their love to be more sweet and sincerely. When they had touched each other, I can feel their connection and know that they will be together and love each other forever and ever.

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Yoga photography at Phuket

Perfect day on the Beach

Phuket Photographer is a professional photographer who could keep any of your impressed moment in anywhere and any times.

It is well known that Phuket is very famous in tranquil and beautiful beaches, so many couples are getting married here. But its calm is not just suitable for wedding, it is also perfect for other activities you love such as doing yoga.

Once, I have a chance taking photos of doing yoga at Como Point Yamu Phuket where located beside a beach shore of Yamu bay.

Quietness and beauty of the beach is fit for yoga, which need to concentrate and also relax for your mind and soul as well as your body. Let’s try one of your perfect day here and try Phuket Photographer to capture your best day in Phuket.

Phuket wedding photographer

A blending of love.

I don’t know how long does it take that the couples will decide to get married? But when I took photos of Sophy and Ming on their wedding, I certainly know that they both have truly love in each others.

Their best day was taken at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, with a warm welcome from Phuket staff and a nice decoration of the event. My loveliest part is when Ming asked Sophy to dancing with him on a nature floor. He is such a gentle man with funny and lovely. While, his bride, Sophy is very beautiful and glamorous. They are blending a sense of love that you can touch from their wedding photos.

In a part of photographer, I can only capture a few of their moment on that day, but reality, they had greater and better moment of love that I can see throughout my eyes.

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Let’s rock the wedding.

Let’s rock the wedding.

How’s fun of Johnson and Andrew wedding in Phuket, could be seen from their smiling and laughing. Witness crowd are line up on a great rock behind Kata Rocks Resort Phuket congratulate to their new couple life sincerely, that’s a great moment for me, Phuket Photographer.

I am really enjoy taking photos of Johnson and Andrew so much due to their sense of humours, friendly and liberality, together with sunshine, seabreeze and turquoise sky. These are prefect combination on their this important day. So let’s rock today.

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Beauty of the bridal

Beauty of the bridal

One of my favourite thing in wedding photography is the bridal’s moment. Today, all lucky girls would be the most beautiful of their lives, the same as Rachel who start her couple life with Alexander presently.

Her charming gorgeous reflects throughout her eyes, smiles, laughing or even on her tears.

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Love in sunny day of Karen Family

Love in sunny day of Karen Family

Recently, I took the beautiful family photography of Karen Family and their friends at Villa Noi of Aleenta Phuket. There are only 2 seasons of Phuket, summer and rainy. Both have their own beauty of themselves.

The Karen Family chose the summer for taking their warmth family photography in Phuket, to see how clear of the sky and sea. Listen to the sound of wind and feel fresh by the sea breeze.

Aleenta Phuket is very perfect to stay, even a privacy or together with friends, wherewith Karen Family has a lot of fun with their friends throughout photography with Phuketphotographer.

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Time of family

Time of family

It is not only wedding that Phuket photographer would give them a fantastic memorial but we also pleased to capture a warmth feeing of family photos as well.

The Wing family from Singapore, who spend a wonderful vacation at Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa, Maikhao beach where located in North of Phuket, is one of my favourite photoshoot in Phuket.

Wing Chung Lee and his wife, Lee, as well as their little angel daughter made me feel so relax and funny during taking their photos. I can feel love from parents to daughter, trust from little kids to parents, care from husband to wife and safe from wife to husband.

They remind me that this huge world is nothing if you have no one beside you so that your family is the most important part of your life. Take well care of them and spend value time together as much as you can. Therefore you will not be sorry when time had passed.


Fantastic moment of Phoua & Nicholas

Fantastic moment of Phoua & Nicholas

Phoua & Nicholas’s Wedding at The Slate Phuket of Nai Yang beach, still imprints on my mind. The wedding sticked me on through their loves and cares of this couple bride and groom. Everything was decorated to show how special and memorable their love was, and it was perfectly together with the cool and calm of Nai Yang beach, where is the dreamed beach for wedding of Phuket and many couples had come to prove their loves here, as well as Phoua & Nicholas.

Night party is filled with fun and a sense of well being from the family and friends of the them. It’s time for me as a Phuket photographer to capture that wonderful time. So that when they and their family and friends have come back to see these memories, it will be remembered that how fantastic of those moment.

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